A lot of people have been approaching me asking about getting abs and if there is an easy way to get them. I always end up having a puzzled look every time because I keep on wondering why people always think that getting abs is easy.

Then somebody told me “All the experts online say it’s easy”.

Oh sure. Get it from those faceless gurus and experts online that tell you it’s easy. It’s no wonder people fail in keeping their bodies healthy. They keep on going back to the fact that “one expert said it was easy”. Because they believe this is so, the moment they feel hardship – they automatically give up.

Well, let me tell all you guys what I tell people who ask me about the easy approach.

The best things in life are usually the ones that are hard to get. If something were so easy to achieve, we wouldn’t put it in a pedestal.

This usually puts them in a pause to think.

I mean, sure. There may be some easy ways to get perfect abs but I am not too sure of the procedure. Maybe they take medication. Maybe it’s some magic formula. Maybe, just maybe. It might require you to sell your soul to the gym owner.

Either way, I keep telling them that there is nothing wrong with going down the hard road. It will take you months and even years. But the moment you get those abs you have always dreamed of, you will treasure it and you will make sure you won’t lose them. In the case of those “I got it so fast thanks to Dr. Doolittle”, they usually revert back to their original selves after some time because they never got to learn how to be patient and well disciplined in order to maintain their body.