You might be surprised to see this on our blog feed. Don’t worry though. While the transition from abs to gardening might be a bit too jarring, it was a decision I needed to make. I had to let go of the blog for my sister who loves gardening. I wanted to delete my previous posts but a lot of my followers wanted them to still be here when they come back. So please enjoy the gardening posts from my sister.


Modern day garden design has an extremely long history and all the many years’ activity of garden design have played into the current trends. The first backyards that were planted strictly for visual enjoyment time back to the 15th century in Egypt. There are paintings on Egyptian tombs that reflect gardens that were simply beautiful and not necessarily for food purposes. These drawings show ponds surrounded by hands and acacias. Other famous gardens from long before include the hanging landscapes of Babylon and the paradise garden of Persia. There are many plugs of gardens throughout old texts from Aristotle to others. Therefore, the garden design we certainly have today has lots of different impact on from hundreds of years of gardens.


Zen home gardens from China and Nippon and villa gardens from Italy all developed from these original gardens. British landscape gardens and French parterres were also inspired. As a result, all of these garden styles have influenced today’s modern gardens as well. A bit of style and technique is obtained from each garden to create a completely modern look and style. This gardens frequently have convertible top fencing as well to safeguard them or interlocking pavers that act as walking stones rather than genuine stones as the old gardens had. Vinyl fence is new in landscapes because before only wood made or steel fences were available. However, the new vinyl fencing is exceptional because it enhances a garden and is not hard to clean not to point out lasts permanently


Flower backyards became incredibly popular through the 19th and 20th centuries now they continue to be so. Interestingly enough, but the gardens of the 20th century also lead in city planning. Generally, there are a lot of interesting facts about horticulture and how it began as well as how it ended up in the current modern designs. Of course, even though modern gardens have been motivated so much by yesteryear does not mean they are like the home gardens of the past. Rather, modern gardens reflect elements that contain been inspired from past gardens as well as different trends which may have recently been implemented thank you to new design techniques and technology. Modern growing plants really has been affected by many various things and as every day goes by it will have more changes in gardening.