When I was a tad bit younger, I’ve always liked watching my grandmother do stuff around the house. It had something to do with her dainty hands and the way she moved throughout our compound that captivated. But the things she did best were sewing and gardening.

Every morning she would start early and go to the garden. For some reasons, she always found something to do. In my eyes, our garden was perfect. It was the immaculate example of a well-maintained garden. Still, my grandmother always found a weed to pull, a few leaves to trim, or a flower to foster. To a child’s eye, nothing was wrong. But when I got older, it was just too disturbing (in a good way) to watch.

As for her sewing, it was her second past time. She would spend her afternoons by the porch on her rocking chair sewing something. It can be just about anything. A new apron, torn shorts, or something for a friend. It was not fun to watch as a child as it just involves putting a needle with thread through fabric but there were days when I would be mesmerized by the act.

When I got older, I asked my grandmother why she liked gardening and sewing at the same time. I told her that they were so unlike each other and it was really confusing how she liked both. Her answer surprised me.

She said that both activities were pretty much alike in the very core. Alike in the sense that both required a lot of patience. A plant can’t be forced to grow within a day same way a dress can’t be made properly within a couple of hours. Of course you can hurry everything but that would only make waste. Certain stuff, like upholstery Perth, sewing, and gardening needed patience. A whole lot of patience.

That’s when I understood what she was doing.