In medicine as with mechanics, it’s sometimes a good idea to get a second opinion. While an auto mechanic you can trust is incredibly valuable, it always pays to double check. This is especially true if you are looking at something with a big price tag.


Besides, a second opinion can give you peace of mind. You can rest assured that yes, the damage is that bad. Yes, the repairs will cost that kind of money. Yes, your mechanic is competent because someone else sees the situation the same way they do.


Here’s some advice on getting second opinions.


First, going online is a risky proposition. While you might get estimates, there’s no guarantee that your exact situation is what the other person experienced. There are too many details that can affect the bottom line. However, online research does give you numbers you can use as starting point.


When getting that second opinion, be courteous. Be straightforward. Do not show any hint of fear, being rude, or panic. If you do, the game is up.


In general, being rude to anyone is going to cause the price of anything to go up unless there’s a price tag on it that’s visible. If you’re afraid or panicking, the unscrupulous out there will take advantage of that and get you to pay more than is strictly necessary.


On the other hand, if you’re calm, if you listen to them, you get a fair quote. If you’re actively friendly and pleasant, the crew might even lower the costs a little bit.


You can try offering to refer new clients their way. This works best if they know you’re well-connected. Even if you’re not, it makes them not want to mess with you because it could mean lost business. Offering referrals are basically free advertising for them, and they’ll want to impress for that.


If you happen to have a lot of social media followers or a well-read blog, you’re in a position to get excellent service. Incidentally, this applies to any service industry, from a mechanic Perth to a fancy restaurant.


Only an idiot rejects the chance at repeat business. One customer’s value to a business isn’t just an isolated visit, but every instance of them coming back. It is also tied to whether or not that customer has any friends who may visit and become recurring sources of income.


Ask around for who your second opinion should come from. Your first mechanic may recommend a good one, and most shops are honest about this sort of thing. You can also ask your friends for their choice of auto mechanic, mobile or otherwise. There’s also the internet, which can be hit or miss.


Be sure to get a good list going and narrow it down. You’ll probably want someone local, professional, and doesn’t have any noticeable black marks on their record. If you can get an opinion from someone you trust, that’s great, but don’t take it as an absolute.


If possible, get a mechanic or car enthusiast’s opinion on what shops on your list are good choices.