There’s a Way for Most Things

We need to fit more into the same period than before. In other words, more is expected of us in a shorter time. We spend longer at work. This leaves less time to keep physically fit. Fortunately, there are some healthier ways to sit. After all, the bulk of our time is spent on a chair. You canchallenge your balance and engage specific muscles whilst sitting. So, you can sit and keep fit at the same time.

How Can Sitting Keep You Fit?

Gym balls have many uses. You may have used one in a health club. Alternatively, your physiotherapist may have shown you how to use one to improve your balance or to strengthen
some muscles.

A gym ball can also be used in place of a chair. There are many reasons why you may consider
this. Some of the main ones are listed below:

• To alleviate back pain.

• To improve posture.

• To stop slouching.

• To have a comfortable seat.

• To strengthen leg muscles.

• To continually challenge the physique.

• To keep you alert.

• To benefit from various physical improvements simultaneously.

• To engage several muscles, including the abdominal ones.

• To reduce pressure.

As has become evident, sitting on a gym ball makes a great alternative to a chair at home, or in the office environment.

Keep safety in mind. Use shoes that are flat, and do not slip. Hi heels are a no, no when
balancing on a gym ball.


The Benefits of Alternative Seating

In addition to the benefits that have already been mentioned, your core strength will also

The muscles involved in core strength are:

• pelvic floor muscles,

• various abdominal muscles,

• muscles that run vertically up each side of the vertebral column,

• lower back muscles which extend all the way to the armpits,

• the largest muscle in your buttocks, and

• one of the major muscles in your back.

Lack of strength in any group of these muscles can lead to minor, or in some cases, major
complications. It goes without saying that any weakness that has to do with health, can become a
nuisance. You may even become dependent on others in some fashion.

Everybody wants to look and feel good. Exercising your core muscles improves your balance
and stability. A strong core enables you to carry your body in an elegant manner.

A Word about Alternative Seating

A gym ball, also known as a Swiss ball, makes a great seat. It makes you use your muscles in a
beneficial way. You are forced to sit up, use your legs, and balance.

If you are not used to sitting on a gym ball, you may find a few minutes enough to start with. It is
important to remember to get up carefully, as it is not stationary. Move your feet close to it and
your body forward a little. Maybe even hold onto something when getting up until you become
confident at performing this move.


Can you afford not to?

If you spend a lot of time sitting either at home or work, considering an alternative seat to a chair
may be an idea. Challenging your body in some manner at the same time can only be positive.
Here's some food for thought: You can sit and keep fit.