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Common Sewing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re only just getting started with sewing, you’re in for an excellent road ahead. There are so many things you can do with the craft. Sewing can be very rewarding.

However, beginners – and even some experts – make a few common mistakes along the way. Sometimes, people only learn these through experience. To minimize you ruining a project, we’re outlining these common errors so you can learn from other people’s mistakes!

The most common error is poor cutting of the pattern. Getting the model wrong is the bane of many a project. Be sure to align the fabric grain lines accurately, and do it on a flat surface. Don’t let fabric hang over the edge of a table, as that can pull it out of shape.

Remember to check the measurements twice before you break out the scissors.

Learn how to read sewing patterns. You need to know what the marks and symbols mean, alongside words and phrases such as grain line and fold lines. These all means something, and not knowing what they mean can produce a disaster.

Remember to use your presser foot! Many people working with sewing machines forget to use this, which is a shame. The presser foot holds the fabric in place, letting you get neater stitches.

Choose the right materials for the job. You might find nicer colours or prettier patterns, but if silk is a bad choice for a project, don’t use silk. Distinct patterns or projects are best done with specific fabrics, so aesthetics is going to have to take second place to practicality.

Be sure to check your tension dial. Mastering it is tough, and even experts can sometimes struggle with it. However, learning how much pressure is right for your project is essential. However, be sure to check that the bobbin is threaded properly before you fiddle with anything.

Be careful about how you sew your seams. Seams are vital to clothing! The constant reversing when working on seams can be tricky, but it is a crucial skill to master.

Like fabric, the needle and thread are necessary as well. For most garments, a 100% polyester thread is a good choice. Rayon, silk, and quilting thread are all poor choices for garment construction. Check to see if a universal needle is okay, or if it requires a specialised one like a ballpoint.

Always, always have more fabric than you need. You never know when you might need extra because you made an error. Also, some fabrics may shrink, so having extra material can compensate for that.

Preparing the material is just as important. Do your research. Some fabrics should be washed first, while others need dry cleaning. You’ll want to machine wash denim, and wool is dry clean only.

Finally, there is an adage in writing about keeping it short and straightforward. The same goes for sewing. Keep your projects short and simple at first, because you’re still just getting used to how things work. Save the elaborate and flashy stuff for after you’ve mastered the basics.




Best Ab Exercises

Right before we start, I will break 2 myths about having abs.

1. There is no such things “Fast and Easy way to have abs”. Thing is, if that were the case then everybody will have them.

2. You don’t need a $500 gym membership to gain abs. While not easy or fast, you can still gain abs at home doing some exercises.


Now that we have that settled, how can you gain the perfect ab muscles at home? Here’s a short video showing the 7 best ab exercises you can do at home. Do them correctly and you will have no problem with your ab muscles.


Personal Training

Personal Training is a big consultancy field.

Especially when coming back to abscondorium fitness programme.

The personal training industry is massive with many people either being a personal trainer or using a personal trainer for their fitness and health goals.

A personal trainer really is a consultant of everything health, coming down to exercise, nutrition, sleep and much more They work with their clients in various settings, most of the time one on one, to put them through their paces that produce results.

They are the second trunk of support that the personal using them often fails to keep strong, but not only that they prudce results and sometimes abscondorium 6 pack ab results.

They can not just makeup what they say nor can they not practice what they preach. They are prime consultant examples of being deep within the working field themselves, and it is because of this they are able to produce so many results for people.


Teaching is Consulting

As we just discovered what the exact definition of what consulting is

Essentially by teaching additional skills to those n a particular field, you are consulting them to learn more. To make this easier through an example.

A friend of mine who lives in Perth, Western Australia, currently works in the Aged Care industry. She has had her Certificate III for some time now which has given her the qualifications to be in her line of work.

However in order for her to progress to the next level of Aged Care qualifications, she will require to do her certificate IV in aged Care. In order to complete this she will have herself a teacher who will effectively consult her with expert advice and knowledge for her learning.

Once this consulting of teaching is complete and she has completed all her assessments, with a pass she will receive her qualification and with additional consulting from her teacher will further help her practical and working exposure in the field.

Consulting holds many shapes and forms

Results check in

The first post on this blog and the origin of this site, was in relation to the abs program abs condorium.

So after 6 weeks have I received the abs the program would promise me… pfft please. I must have missed the fine print that said “abs condorium alone will not produce you abs”

I will be honest in saying that the results have been good and I have now been able to see my abs more than ever. However, they have certainly come in at the chiseled, strong, oiled up defined abs as promised.

Then again I never really expected them to be the case but you can always hope. Especially when having the occasional late night feast or weekend of drinking. Ah well, I shall continue and see what comes as a result of continued input.

Yeh nah…

How does consulting differ?

Do different parts of the world consult differently?

Fo example would China have different consulting measures than to us here in Australia, or perhaps to the USA, Russia or any other country.

It is bound to be an occurrence. Different parts of the world, just like in everything else we do, we do differently, whether to a slight or significant degree.

If this is the case then, how would things go about, when trying to consult members from one country in another, or bringing two different countries together through the power of consulting.

Create a social mix that combines the most important aspects for the individuals to understand the consulting practice in a way for them to relate to their existing environment.



Business consulting

Business consulting is a growing trend and soon to be the newest thing in growing your business. Business consultants just know what to do for you, when to do it and how to do it. They can truly maximise the output of your business in performance as well as other things requiring skill and certain knowledge required aspects.


By taking on consultancy you rely on the professional opinion of the consultant to best organise you business and provide you with the knowledge to take the best action. Regardless of your business there is generally a specific undertaking that can be adapted to your needs.
Why spend time and money trying to do everything yourself when you can use the outsourcing and expertise of well, an expert. For the new way forward in business consider a consultant whatever your business growth needs are.


Abs condorium

Abs condorium. Abs condorium the name of a new fitness consultancy to hit the local market. Developed by an ex personal trainer abs condorium works on a complete total body system in order to build you abs.


However abs condorium is more than just a fitness consulting program. It also go into more fields of consulting and the benefits of such a thing. Using the abs program as an example, without the consulting of the program available, people new to exercise would struggle with knowing what to do, and need that helping hand in order to produce them the best results for the least effort.


Other consulting includes business consulting, nutrition consulting, mechanic consulting, internet consulting and so much more. It really isn’t limited. If there is a professional with vast knowledge in a particular field they are able to develop that into a program that will assist those looking for help in those fields.


If you want it, you have got it. Abs condorium out now though, producing 6 pack abs overnight….apparently.