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Teaching is Consulting

As we just discovered what the exact definition of what consulting is

Essentially by teaching additional skills to those n a particular field, you are consulting them to learn more. To make this easier through an example.

A friend of mine who lives in Perth, Western Australia, currently works in the Aged Care industry. She has had her Certificate III for some time now which has given her the qualifications to be in her line of work.

However in order for her to progress to the next level of Aged Care qualifications, she will require to do her certificate IV in aged Care. In order to complete this she will have herself a teacher who will effectively consult her with expert advice and knowledge for her learning.

Once this consulting of teaching is complete and she has completed all her assessments, with a pass she will receive her qualification and with additional consulting from her teacher will further help her practical and working exposure in the field.

Consulting holds many shapes and forms

Results check in

The first post on this blog and the origin of this site, was in relation to the abs program abs condorium.

So after 6 weeks have I received the abs the program would promise me… pfft please. I must have missed the fine print that said “abs condorium alone will not produce you abs”

I will be honest in saying that the results have been good and I have now been able to see my abs more than ever. However, they have certainly come in at the chiseled, strong, oiled up defined abs as promised.

Then again I never really expected them to be the case but you can always hope. Especially when having the occasional late night feast or weekend of drinking. Ah well, I shall continue and see what comes as a result of continued input.

Yeh nah…

How does consulting differ?

Do different parts of the world consult differently?

Fo example would China have different consulting measures than to us here in Australia, or perhaps to the USA, Russia or any other country.

It is bound to be an occurrence. Different parts of the world, just like in everything else we do, we do differently, whether to a slight or significant degree.

If this is the case then, how would things go about, when trying to consult members from one country in another, or bringing two different countries together through the power of consulting.

Create a social mix that combines the most important aspects for the individuals to understand the consulting practice in a way for them to relate to their existing environment.



Business consulting

Business consulting is a growing trend and soon to be the newest thing in growing your business. Business consultants just know what to do for you, when to do it and how to do it. They can truly maximise the output of your business in performance as well as other things requiring skill and certain knowledge required aspects.


By taking on consultancy you rely on the professional opinion of the consultant to best organise you business and provide you with the knowledge to take the best action. Regardless of your business there is generally a specific undertaking that can be adapted to your needs.
Why spend time and money trying to do everything yourself when you can use the outsourcing and expertise of well, an expert. For the new way forward in business consider a consultant whatever your business growth needs are.


Abs condorium

Abs condorium. Abs condorium the name of a new fitness consultancy to hit the local market. Developed by an ex personal trainer abs condorium works on a complete total body system in order to build you abs.


However abs condorium is more than just a fitness consulting program. It also go into more fields of consulting and the benefits of such a thing. Using the abs program as an example, without the consulting of the program available, people new to exercise would struggle with knowing what to do, and need that helping hand in order to produce them the best results for the least effort.


Other consulting includes business consulting, nutrition consulting, mechanic consulting, internet consulting and so much more. It really isn’t limited. If there is a professional with vast knowledge in a particular field they are able to develop that into a program that will assist those looking for help in those fields.


If you want it, you have got it. Abs condorium out now though, producing 6 pack abs overnight….apparently.